When they gather
 The skies allow them
 The clouds make them rest on their heads
 They shoot out at once
 Pour their luminous shy
 Pour their luminous shine.
 Their soft rays spark the heavens
 Flick on great waters
 Chase the tides to hide
 And mute shades.
 The eyes that sees stars
 Hands that reach them - burn
 Wings that fly across
 Flee helter skelter.
 When unveiled in night blue skies
 They shine like maidens from North
 They sweep away the rains
 Cover the skies like birds of paradise.
 The moon too afraid to seize them
 Too afraid to near.
 When the million stars choose rain
 Their breath , graces the wind
 Their warmth melt the cold clouds
 Their silver sweat expand the horizons
 Charm the hemisphere
 And candle the grounds.
 Yes! that kind.

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