Like how we do it every night
How we cherish those insects 
That lights all night long
Under the moonstar skies
Our feet surrounded with evergreen 
And cold winds passing through.

Their seenly timeless shimmer
Hello the outside nights
And mute those noisy crickets
We clap them in our young palms 
Given it air space.
They glow better than constellations
Better than our young bright eyes 
They loll on our heads
And candle our shaggy hair

They are fireflies 
They aren't furnace flies
I wonder how they do their magic 
I wonder if the stars and moon sees
And yet, not jealous. 

When they clap their keenly wings
Their corn shine, beckon our smile 
Their pear charm, glows the evergreen 
Their orange sheen, clad the Grebera Daisy.,

When the clouds cry
The rains knock their bare heads
And quench their glow 
Their wings fall off
They tremble on the grounds
Like a withered rose
There they 
Unable to 


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