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They say he's back in town
Still posing a flawless smile
His eyes arise like the sun
set in socket of rare charm
And his lips still inviting.

How right they are to adore you
They don't know what i know
I cherished your fearless loyalty
And placed you like a seal over my heart
But  then, my heart in your captive you tore into pieces
And now!, theres no more us.

Alone on the bench in a town square
curling a strand of hair with my cold finger
And memories of you passing through.
sure!, it felt nice when we held hands together
Humming our favourite melodies like bees on petals.

We once hugged freely
pleasing our bleeding pleasure
counting our memories of gladness great.
What we once had is no more true
I leave behind your toy soldiers 
And the scarlet rose you planted in my hair
There they lie and wait on the lovers bench
I'm afraid i can't retrieve the last kiss you soiled on my lips in February.
The jealous rains had washed it off.

I wonder who would fall for your deceitful lips.
Heavens make me a rainbow
To forget how you signed me out with goodbye!
Nevertheless, i wish you happiness.









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