Her car broke down in the middle of a tarred land.
Cars blew their horn at her.
Too embarrassed,
When her lilac shoes hit the tarred grounds, it quaked.
Her legs, so silky and hairy
Her face made the horning mute.
Her hair bounced behind,
they were gathered in pony tail.

I wondered how her eyes looked,for they were hidden behind glasses .
Her clothes, in the shades of Amaranth.
Her radiant skin comes before twilight,
Her skin comes before the sun.
“Allow me, Miss! “.
Before her,and she behind me,i could smell her.
My nerves shock, it made her car start.
She smiled, all flat tyres shot up.
Her way of saying “thank you” made the decade wax in my ears melt suddenly.
“You can thank me properly on a date. I trust you’ll accept?”
She stretched her hand, but I hid mine in pocket.
Too afraid my callous palm will cut her,
Too afraid my furnace hand will burn her.

I waited on a bench before a round table in the outside nights.
“Here she comes”!
She swayed, like a withered leaf in the wind and her curves, more pronounced.
Sitting before me, she glowed and I wondered if the stars followed her out here.
All eyes were fixed on her.
When she smiled, her eyes widened than the owl’s.
Her eyes Grace’s among all.
Her eyes so transparent, I could see my shaggy hair, loopy face and crumple shirt.
I wondered why her keen eyes haven’t noticed,
I wondered why her calm fingers haven’t pointed them out.

I didn’t know her favourite.
yet, I trust she likes creamy ice.
Before the ice reached her lips,it melts.
When she closed her lips,it drew in the reddest volcano.
And I feared reaching her lips.
I wondered the kind of genes, those juicy lips evolved.

My jokes were awkward yet it cracked her up.
When her bangles clashed,it gave a rhythm and a soft melody better than harps.
We talked more and starred at each other..
“No! Did I say that?!”
We talked less and starred more at each other.

Night creeped into day.
The winds grew cold, clouds darkens and the skies cried.
I watched as the rain washed her makeup off.
My words stuck in throat,
I wondered why she ever put them on.
” You’re beautiful and it’s abnormal”.
I saith in thought but my words came out, her ears already heard.

Time wait for no man,
Time to let her go.
Water dropped from her hair, it touch the grounds, swept the clouds and pulled out the sun.
I embrace her.
I felt her warmth , and her breath made my heart flee from it cage.

Must have been love.
Much have been good.
But it all over now.

She turns away without looking back.
She started her wheels and it jerked.
I smiled broadly.
She drove off, not in dust
but in that soft glowing light from the skies, under the horizon.
I shouted, ” don’t forget what we built because I won’t forget either.
I won’t forget the rain,
I won’t forget your warmth and shine”.

But one thing I forgot to ask, her name.
So! I call her,

Dedicated to: Miss Rebecca Awuah(GBC)

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